I'm a Software Developer based in Waterloo, Canada with a passion for Data and Design. I recently graduated from the University of Toronto where I studied Statistics, Computer Science and Math.
I'm currently part of the Engineering team at TextNow where I'm helping make the calling experience more robust and reliable for millions of users.
In my free time I work on a couple of open- and closed-source projects. I also love to listen to podcasts and binge-watch tv shows.
  • 05.2019 — Platform - Calling @ TextNow.
  • 05-08.2018 — Android/Platform - Calling @ TextNow.
  • 03.2016-11.2017 — Full-Stack & Design @ Studybuddy.
  • 05-08.2017 — Android - Client Calling @ TextNow.
  • 05-08.2016 — Android - Calling & Messaging Reliablity @ TextNow.
  • 05-08.2015 — Windows Phone @ TextNow.
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  • Insights

    A tiny Instagram analytics app with ML and other cool stuff written in Kotlin called Insights.
    1M+ Installs, 4.4 Star Rating

  • Notify

    Open-source notification construction DSL for Android called Notify.
    500+ GitHub Stars

  • Instagram SDK

    An unofficial (and open-source) Instagram SDK for Android also written in Kotlin.

  • KHttp Android

    A lightweight Kotlin HTTP library for Android (adapted from KHttp) and corresponding Rx extensions.

  • Naive Text Analysis of Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons". Digital Humanities Undergraduate Conference 2019 — University of Toronto. (Slides)